When spring rolls around in West Virginia, there are several activities and moments people anticipate.  From gardening to seeing the trees bud and flowers bloom, the scenic nature is visible.  People will even look forward to searching for edible plants like morel mushrooms and ramps.  People sometimes will find them in locations they never anticipated.  One time I found some morel mushrooms within a mulch flower bed outside a church building.  

Another activity that people in each county of West Virginia anticipate in the spring is turkey hunting.  Spring gobbler season is an activity that includes built in anticipation.  As hunters use turkey calls to attract a gobble from a turkey, hunters will listen and watch with anticipation.  Waiting for a response, with hopes the turkey gobble will be close.  When a turkey gobbler is visible, hunters will anticipate a full strut—the turkey puffing out its feathers. 

Anticipation…expecting something to happen.  What is it that you are anticipating over the next few weeks or during the summer: finishing the semester, a new job or an internship, a time to rest and renew.  Are you anticipating Christ to move in your life?

Take some time to read John 21:1-19.  Peter may have not anticipated to see Jesus again, let alone have an intimate conversation focused on mission and service.  Peter’s excitement is definitely shown as he jumps into the water (something the disciples probably didn’t anticipate) to get to Jesus.  Jesus is moving around physically after the resurrection with supernatural powers.  Jesus is also moving within the lives of the disciples to challenge them and encourage/equip them to continue serving and preaching the message of God’s love and forgiveness.  Telling the story of Christ is the mission they need to anticipate doing every day. 

The same message is true for us.  We should expect God to move within our lives.  Through prayerful discernment we can seek God’s purpose and anticipate being used and shaped by God as we follow Christ.  May we anticipate Christ to move within our lives as individuals, within our families, and our communities of faith, so we may continue to serve and make disciples.  

“In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.”—Psalm 5:3

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