Wednesday Words: Gospel

Hi everyone! With Christmas nearing, it is a perfect time to share the Gospel with those around us. When sharing the Gospel, it is important to remember that we do so out of our obedience to God. It is easy to think that we are not equipped to share the Gospel because we might not have all the answers, but God will equip us with what we need. By sharing the Gospel, we are planting a seed inside of that person and after that, it is up to the Holy Spirit to work in their life. We wanted to share something that we learned that became a simple way for us to share the Gospel. 


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The above diagram is the circles of evangelism and it is a great template to use. It provides an explanation for the need of grace as well as the reason that God created the Earth and sent Jesus to die. Without the realization of our brokenness, we can’t realize the necessity of grace in our lives. Therefore, we start with God’s design: the garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. He originally intended us to live in perfect harmony with Him, without sin. But human brokenness lead to the fall of man. This leaves us at brokenness where we seek things like money, pride, lust, whatever that may be (sin). Then, because of our brokenness, comes the Gospel. Jesus died and resurrected because of our brokenness and if we believe this, Jesus enters our hearts, then we are saved and that takes us back to God’s original design, which in turn is heaven. Therefore, through Jesus, we are within God’s original design for his creation, to be with Him forever in perfection. 

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