In basketball, the word transition is used when changing from offense to defense and from defense back to offense.  Coaches, players, and basketball commentators will often talk about transition offense and/or defense.  How well a team can manage the sudden change of possession in a basketball game will often times be a direct result of their success.  

Have you noticed, when walking outside recently, the leaves on the trees are transitioning from green to vibrant orange, red, and/or yellow?  Another transition will soon be upon us as the colors will fade and leaves will fall. To witness the transition from green to variety of colors creates a scenic wonder.  

Basketball and seasons involve transitions.  College students also are transitional.  College students seem to live in transition.  By definition, transition is the process of changing from one state/condition to another.  College students transition from high school classes to higher education. Sometimes students transfer from one college to another.  Perhaps a job, roommate, or housing change will also create a transition in life for college students.  A transition from student to a career will occur also even though it may not seem that way now.  

Changes in life will constantly be present.  Finding consistency can be difficult. We will experience transitions throughout our lives. How we manage or handle the transition is the question.

In the Bible, transitions are very evident.  One example is when Jesus ascends into heaven (Acts 1).  The disciples had been on a journey with Jesus for about three years and now Jesus was instructing them to prepare to continue but in a different way.  The Holy Spirit was coming (Acts 2) and they were going to be witnesses as they shared the story of Jesus and salvation with the world.  Talk about a transition: from followers to leaders.  The disciples managed the transition well as throughout the book of Acts and most of the New Testament, the disciples’ stories of being witnesses are shared.  

Reflecting upon the disciples’ journey throughout their transition, they trusted God, believed in Jesus, and put their faith in action.  Important reminders for all of us. Managing a transition is challenging; however remembering the promises and presence of God in our lives is vital.

Being reminded of Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday and today and forever” is a good start when managing a transition.  The consistent and constant presence of God in our lives, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”–Matthew 28:20b. The promise of God’s presence through the Holy Spirit provides peace, hope, and comfort to us every day and during life transitions.  May we trust God, remember His presence, and continue to follow Christ as transitions await.  

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