Encouraging, supporting and helping one another as we share in prayer and carry an attitude of prayer for one another is the goal and intent of BCM prayer partners. Some helpful suggestions for sharing in prayer together are outlined below:

         –Plan a time to meet: perhaps weekly or every 10 days.

         –Be intentional about sending encouraging, prayerful messages every day or every other day

         –During your time of sharing, spend time in prayer perhaps using the ACTS prayer model as you share concerns/praises. 


Adoration of God/Praising Him for who He is and what God has done in our lives.

Confession of sin…what are we struggling with and need help/accountability in.

Thanksgiving—who/what are we thankful for and share our thanksgivings with one another.

Supplication—presenting our requests/petitions before one another and to God

If you have any question or need help connecting to a prayer partner, please let us know via email: sions@wvbc.org. Please know that we are praying for you, praying that the peace of God will guard your hearts!

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