Area Church Info

Finding a local church is vital for college students as they grow in their faith. BCM is a ministry of the West Virginia Baptist Convention (WVBC– and a few area WVBC churches that partner with BCM are listed below. Please take some time to review the information and let us know if you have questions.

Sabraton Baptist Church meets in-person for Sunday Morning Worship at 10:45 a.m. Sabraton Baptist requires a mask and practices social distancing.
Sabraton also meets on Zoom for Monday Morning Bible Study (the book of Exodus) at 11:00am and for Wednesday Night Bible Study (the book of Revelation) at 7:00pm (for links to Bible studies please email Pastor Scott) 

You can find more information about Sabraton Baptist by visiting their website at or by contacting Pastor Scott via email: Church Address: 1641 Sabraton Avenue, Sabraton WV 26505

Goshen Baptist Church meets on Sunday morning at 10:30am and this service is being live streamed on Facebook (Goshen Baptist Church) and also via their webpage ( Goshen Baptist is practicing all the safe procedures that have been mandated. Goshen also is having Wednesday night Bible study in person and live streamed on their Facebook and website. 

Contact Pastor Dan Meadows by email:, or phone: 304-216-2346.  Church Address: 1070 Goshen Road Morgantown WV 26508

New Hill Church is currently studying Luke’s Gospel.  You can listen to previous sermons as well as see more information about the church at their website, New Hill meets on Sunday evening at 4pm at Sabraton Baptist Church (1641 Sabraton Avenue, Sabraton WV 26505)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Stephen via email at and he will respond back through email or a call. 

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