Over the last five years, I have taken an interest in woodworking.  Building different items has been enjoyable and challenging.  I have learned several aspects of woodworking and have remembered different components of the measurement system.  I should have paid more attention in geometry!  Keeping projects square and level is an aspiration.  From a kitchen island, to a few home décor signs and a fort treehouse for my children, I have been able to try and complete different woodworking projects.  Nearly every project has been a solo effort, except for one. 

Two summers ago, my dad and I built a hunting blind that we placed on our family property.  The completed first version is pictured above.  The blind has already gone through a couple necessary and helpful renovations.  It is now hunting blind 3.0. The blind did prove its useful purpose last year as we were able to harvest a nice whitetail deer from its location. My children have given the blind a name: The Sions Shack.  They had a part in the project as well.  The blind means more than a place to hunt (out of the elements: rain/wind).  Perhaps I’m still trying to figure out that meaning as I write this blog.  Simply put, because we built the blind together, it is significant.

Several years ago, Lowe’s (Home Improvement) had a slogan: ‘Let’s Build Something Together’.  Building together takes on a new and different meaning in our current culture as words like isolation and quarantine are at the forefront.  The emotional, mental, and social health of young adults and college students is a serious concern that I have been praying about and reflecting upon.  (We will have to save that topic for another time).  So back to Lowe’s and building something together.  We can still build and have community even though we may not be able to gather in large groups. Community building begins with one on one relationships.

Here is the challenge for us all: Let us build community, build hope, build trust, and build peace through our relationships. We may not be able to gather in large groups, but in our one on one relationships we can build community.  Having a solid foundation in construction is vital.  Setting Christ as the cornerstone of every relationship will be the first step to build a healthy, growing community that honors God.  Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  Large groups aren’t needed for God’s presence.  We can build into our relationships with each person the love and grace of Christ. 

In the Old Testament, the prophet Nehemiah, gathers the Israelites to build the wall (after it was destroyed) around the city of Jerusalem for protection.  The completion of the project only took 52 days as each person, each family built their section of the wall.  We can build something together also. If we each commit to seek and build relationships centered in Christ with one another, we will build a community of believers that brings glory to God and we will grow as disciples of Christ.

Nehemiah 2:18b, ‘They replied, “Let us start rebuilding.” So they began this good work.’  

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