Wednesday Words: Faith of Friends

         Within a community of believers, one can find, build and establish friendships.  Having support and encouragement is vital especially for college students who are away from family and friends they have had most of their life.  BCM seeks to provide opportunities for students to create community where friendships can form and grow.  Obviously, this year is different and … Continue reading Wednesday Words: Faith of Friends

Wednesday Words: Forward

            Recently I have been asking folks what they are looking forward to or what they are excited about.  The answers have not come easily to folks, as this year has created cancelations, postponements, and rescheduled events and activities.  It has been tough to get excited because we have experienced so much disappointment.               For me, this time of … Continue reading Wednesday Words: Forward

Wednesday Words: Build

Over the last five years, I have taken an interest in woodworking.  Building different items has been enjoyable and challenging.  I have learned several aspects of woodworking and have remembered different components of the measurement system.  I should have paid more attention in geometry!  Keeping projects square and level is an aspiration.  From a kitchen island, to a few home … Continue reading Wednesday Words: Build