Are you interested in joining one of our small group Bible studies called I-Teams?

Would you like to be paired up with someone in BCM to meet one-on-one and pray for one another?

Are you looking for a local church to get plugged into?

Fill out the form below so we can get you connected!


Our small group Bible studies called I-Teams are groups of 7-10 guys or girls who meet once a week. Your I-Team will be the first people you text when you need prayer or need to make an 11:00 PM Sonic run.

Groups will meet in a set location, pray, study the Word of God, encourage one another, and fellowship.

To keep everyone in our I-Teams safe, here are our safety guidelines:

  1. Everyone in your I-Team must wear a mask.
  2. Social distancing will be observed whenever possible.
  3. Anyone with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 cannot attend that week’s I-Team and should seek medical attention.
  4. To start the semester, your I-Team will meet in person one week and remotely (over Zoom or Facebook Messenger) the next week.
  5. Later in the semester, you and your I-Team can discuss your comfort level with meeting spaces and the above regulations.

We want everyone who takes part in BCM to be safe. We want nothing more than to do life with you. And if “doing life” right now includes wearing a mask, keeping our distance, and watching for symptoms, then so be it.

Prayer Partners

Our mission as an organization is “Changing Lives that Change the World.” We believe one of the best ways to do that is through one-on-one discipleship.

You and your prayer partner will work together to meet as frequently as you are comfortable. You will pray, share scripture, and encourage one another through life.

One of the most effective –and frankly, one of the coolest– means of ministry to college students is co-discipleship: two people constantly encouraging and uplifting one another and holding each other to a Biblical standard. That’s our goal with prayer partners.

Local Churches

BCM is an amazing community that helps young adults connect with believers their age and challenge them to be stronger in their faith. However, it cannot stand in place of regular church attendance.

We encourage all our students to get involved with a local church. As believers, we are expected to worship alongside people from diverse walks of life, and the best way to do that is to attend a church.

Students looking to find a home church in Morgantown can contact us.

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